Additional Services

Editing, re-amping and additional services

Editing, re-amping and additional services

Do you need to tighten up a multitrack drum recording, clean and polish an audiobook recording, or tune a vocal take to perfection? Do you want your digitally modeled guitar recording to shine through a high end guitar tube amplifier + cabinet and an excellent analog recording chain? Send us your files in need of treatment, or your D.I. guitar track, and we’ll start talking great tone. Digital modelers may be on their way to be perfected in the future, but future isn’t here yet – let’s use real amps 🙂 

The amps below cover everything from classic, beautiful ”tweed” tones, via pop and rock to brutal metal.

Amplifier Menu:

Marshall JCM 2550 Silver Jubilee original -87
  • Now a vintage classic. These amps developed out of the JCM 800 series but featured more gain and low end, + a more efficient EQ section. A true tone monster used by Slash, John Norum and others.
EVH 5150III 50w
  • A modern classic among hi gain amplifiers. You can’t go wrong with this one for reamping purposes.
ENGL Savage 120 MK1
  • Another modern classic, great for reamping. This amp tracks fast and features warm and punchy, meaty mids. Equally nice for high gain and lower gain crunch.
Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier -92
  • Possibly the most iconic hi gain amps of all time, here in its most sought after form – a 2 channel “Pre 500 Revision D” from 1992. There are several popular ways to boost it for tighter pick attack definition, and we can offer Maxon OD808, Maxon OD820, Fortin Grinder, Hardy pedals “Centaur” clone, as well as other OD’s.
Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ SimulClass 90w
  • The Holy Grail of Hi Gain amps, the ultra rare vintage Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+. You’ve heard it on Master of Puppets, The Black Album + several Dream Theater albums. The SimulClass power amp version is know for its huge sound and addictive, subtle “sag” as it runs on both class a and class a/b simultaneously.
Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ 100w
  • Same as the above, but the faster tracking Class A/B power amp instead of SimulClass.
Mesa/Boogie JP2C John Petrucci Signature amp
  • Based on the Class A/B Mark IIC+, this is as close to a C+ reissue you can get + tons of modern features, bells and whistles.
Mesa/Boogie TransAtlantic
  • “AC30” style amp. Nice clean to break-up tones based on the classic AC30 with an additional “Tweed” circuit.
Mesa/Boogie Mark V-35
  • My favorite among the Mark 5’s. Great rhythm tone, but especially nice for leads, and also for cleans.
Mesa/Boogie Mark III (Black stripe)
  • A great alternative to the Mark IIC+…very close in sound and behaviour.
Mesa/Boogie Stiletto Deuce
  • A “British” Mesa, modified by swedish amp tech Daniel Forsberg for exceptional JCM800 style qualities, plus additional high gain sounds not found anywhere else. Amazing for both rhythm and lead tones, and in combination with certain overdrive pedals.


Mesa/Boogie Traditional 4×12 (Celestion V30 UK)
Mesa/Boogie Road King 2×12 (One open + one closed side – Celestion C90/Celestion V30 UK)

Recording chain:

Shure SM57
Sennheiser MD421 (Vintage)
Stager SR2N Ribbon 

Heritage Audio 73 Jr ”Neve 1073 style”
Rupert Neve Designs 517
Focusrite ISA430 MK1 (UK) with Rupert Neve Designs 542 Tape Emulator
Universal Audio Apollo
Radial Re-amping unit.